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Supreme Emperor Foods (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. The company’s headquarters is located in the famous city of Zhongshan. It is located in the prosperous city. It complements the prestigious brand image. It has its own food industry city and import and export company. The company is a large-scale export food production enterprise mainly engaged in Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes and dried nuts and fruits. The company has brands such as Hong Kong Emperor, Supreme Emperor, and Xiaoxiaocanjun.

In order to meet the needs of the market and consumers, while strictly guaranteeing the high quality of the products, in 2005, the company chose the Wuguishan Changmingshui Industrial Zone with fresh air and beautiful environment to build a new factory with higher standards. The company has introduced an internationally advanced food production line, established a high-standard food laboratory and laboratory, so that the company's product quality has a more reliable guarantee, high-standard production equipment to meet the needs of food production, annual sales The amount exceeds 350 million.

With careful production, unique taste, rich variety, and excellent quality, as a young new army bravely pioneering, the Supreme Emperor has successively won the "Chinese National Cake", "Chinese Famous Cake", and "2009-2011" The annual key cultivation and development of Guangdong Province's famous export brand", "Excellent Inheritance of Chinese Pastry Skills" and other titles.

 "Integrity-based, pursuit of win-win" is the business philosophy of Supreme Emperor. Through the unanimous efforts of the whole company, we strictly grasp the development strategy of "high starting point, high standards, and high requirements", hard work, dedication and continuous innovation. Although we have achieved impressive results, the Supreme People will not be arrogant or impetuous, continue to carry forward the company's excellent corporate culture, promote the inheritance of new traditional food, and make more contributions to the society. Wish our customers and "Emperor" work together to share a better tomorrow!


Address: Changmingshui Industrial Zone, Wuguishan, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province

Contact number: 0760-88869668


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